Drivers Queue Around The Block After The First Burger King Takeaway Reopens

Reunited with the Whopper.

I don’t think I ever really comprehended how much the residents of this country adored crappy takeaway food until the Coronavirus pandemic, so I guess that’s something I should be thankful to it for?

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The point was rammed home even further yesterday, as drivers literally queued around the block for hours so that they could sample the delights of a Whopper again. Burger King reopened stores for takeaway in Havant, Hampshire yesterday at noon and people were so desperate to get their BK fix that  they descended down upon the location en masse.

One Havant resident said the following about the scenes before them:

There has been a steady stream all day, with a load more turning up at dinnertime.

I can’t believe so many people are rushing out, some are leaving litter behind too.

I’m never one to normally condone littering, but I think this resident really needs to understand just how excited these people must have been for the return of the king. We can probably give them a break considering it’s the longest period of time they’ve ever gone without their true love, right?

Anyway, if you’re not from Havant then don’t despair as Burger King is looking at reopening at least one location in each city by May 31st. Thank God.

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