Drivers Filmed Brawling On The Hard Shoulder Of The M20

They’re inches away from traffic.

It’s always great to end the week with a cool fight and this one is no exception as a couple of drivers have been filmed brawling on the side of the M20 and almost falling into the oncoming traffic speeding past them.

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It’s a really weird because it almost looks like the two men in the video have deliberately picked that spot to have a scrap, almost like they’re in a bare knuckle boxing league or something. It’s made even weirder by the fact some random guy – who nobody in the video seems to know – runs over and then says he wants to ‘adjudicate’ proceedings.

There’s a lot of strange energy on this one:

What is that all about hey? Someone commented on the original footage on Facebook and said that it was thought to be about a business dispute, but it’s still such a strange, strange location for these two to catch up with each other and decide to slug it out, isn’t it? Only in Maidstone I guess.

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