Covidiots Gather To Watch Organised Street Fight Outside Pub In Massive Crowd


Like I said earlier, this is probably going to be the week where we hear loads of stories of people holding mass gatherings just because the lockdown restrictions have been eased slightly, and the population of this country has not disappointed as there’s now footage of a bunch of people gathering outside a pub to watch a street fight.

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The footage comes from The Crocketts Hotel in Walker, Newcastle where a bare knuckle boxing match was streamed on Facebook Live and really had that old school gypsy parking lot vibe with all of their cars parked in a circle to form the arena. You can see one of the men get knocked down in the footage below and then a bunch of kids run over to congratulate the winner, further flouting the social distancing rules:

I mean that really is stupid isn’t it? Probably kinda stupid to engage in such activity even if we’re not in a global pandemic, but I can see why it would be slightly enjoyable under normal circumstances, even if it is a bit dumb.

A bunch of people were so outraged by the video – and probably rightly so – that they complained to the Northumberland Police who released the following statement:

We received reports that an organised fight had been arranged at a premises on Mitchell Street, Newcastle, on Friday, May 15.

Officers attended and on arrival, a number of those present dispersed without issue and neighbourhood policing teams remained in the area to carry out patrols.

I mean that’s great but shouldn’t they have been making some arrests or something to stop them from doing this again? They’ve probably already spread the virus by having so many people in one place at once and if it happens again then that’s only going to prolong the quarantine for everyone. Please sort it out.

For more of the same, here’s a woman complaining that there are so many people at the beach after driving her family to the beach. You couldn’t make it up.


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