Driver Smashes Into Pedestrian As He Crosses The Street — Who’s In The Wrong Though?

The Internet is in two minds over who was at fault here.

A motorcyclist captured the horrific moment a Volkswagen driver ploughed into a pedestrian as he crossed the street, but opinion on just who was responsible seems to be divided.

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You’ll see that the man walking his dog alongside the victim holds back when he sees the car coming, but the other dude just keeps on walking which turns out to be a big mistake.

Watch below:

I feel like they both saw each other coming and both expected the other to deal with it. In the end though I reckon dude in the green top is at fault. He seemed like he was in two minds whether to stop or keep walking and he didn’t really commit to either until it was too late, and then still managed to make the wrong choice. It almost looks like he sped up to make sure the car hit him.

Hope he’s OK anyway. Thank fuck that dog is OK. Don’t think I’d have been able to watch the video otherwise.

What’s worse than getting hit by a car though? Getting hit by a car and then stung by 600 bees.


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