Driver Beats The Shit Out Of Man After Kicking Him Off His Bus (VIDEO)

Just another day in Liverpool.

Back in 2012, the Internet witnessed one of the greatest uppercuts in history when a fed up Cleveland bus driver decided to teach an unruly passenger a lesson.

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Five years later over in Liverpool, this Stagecoach driver has a go at creating a viral moment of his own:

The driver is now under investigation, although the woman who filmed the whole thing has come to his defence:

The bus driver pulled up to the bus stop and an old man jumped on and it looked like he was being flicked and hassled by the other man.

I don’t even think that the old man wanted to get on the bus, I just think that he wanted to get away from the other man who was bothering him.

The driver was right to get the man off the bus and kick him because if he let him get back up then he could [have] attacked him again.

I just wanted to set the story straight because I think that the driver was completely in the right.

Well that’s nice of her. Let this serve as a reminder though that people in certain professions are not to be trifled with. That includes fast food workers, people who have to dress up in costumes, and bus drivers (especially in Liverpool). “The customer is always right” doesn’t apply to people who have absolutely nothing to lose.

To watch a man get Sparta kicked through the window of a double decker bus, click HERE.


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