People Drinking Their Own Piss For The First Time Is The Grossest Thing We’ve Seen Today


These try-hard viral videos where people are gathered into a room and made to do weird things to each other are on the cusp of getting wildly out of control, and really you have to wonder where it goes after this latest instalment.

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In recent weeks we’ve seen gay dudes kiss girls for the first time, and lesbians touch men’s dicks for the first time in their lives.

Today, we’ve got people downing their own piss.


The funniest part is this disclaimer before the video airs:


Basically Buzzfeed admitting that they’re doing this for no other reason than to get their employees to drink their own piss on camera. I guess that’s fair enough as the video’s already racked up nearly half a million views.

Honestly, I’d rather do that than ever have to run into the Birmingham Piss Troll.


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