Drill Rappers Are All Over The Internet Telling Kids Where To Stab People To Score ‘Points’


For the uninitiated, drill music is basically rap music that features exclusively dark, violent lyrics over menacing beats and has been blamed by some for the rise in UK knife crime over the last few years.

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Here are some examples:

One new trend amongst drill rappers is the idea of celebrating a “score” you earn based on where you stab your victim.

According to a Sky News investigation, the point breakdown is denoted by a literal scoreboard that gives 50 points for a stabbed head, 30 for a chest, 20 for a stomach, 10 for a leg, and 5 for an arm.

Someone’s even knocked up this easy-to-follow diagram:

Ex gang-member Chris Preddie says:

If a child in Slough (a London suburb) has suddenly found out about ‘Scores,’ he’s found it through YouTube. These Drill rappers have massive platforms to inform the minds of young people.

The bigger the crime the higher the points, the more and more you do something the more and more rep [reputation] you get, the more you get ranked up.

Another ex gang-member, Robert Brag, adds:

In London, it’s normal – you wake up, have your breakfast and you stab someone. We weren’t actually thinking about damaging a life, we [didn’t] think about killing you, obviously now we do.

Back in my day, when I listened to Drill music, [I was ready to] act.

So far, two deaths in London have been linked directly back to drill videos celebrating this game with lyrics such as “check the scoreboard” and “blood on my shank, might keep it.”

It’s not just London youngsters though. Last month four young men from Ipswich were sentenced to life for murder, having previously made a YouTube video about “scoring points” against a gang from a different postcode in the Suffolk town.

What a bonkers world we live in eh? I mean what happened to forming your clan online and playing Call of Duty? That’s got to be smarter than forming a real life gang, getting peer pressured into stabbing people and making out like it’s some sort of game. Crazy and pathetic.

Obviously it doesn’t help that these clowns need to re-offend a bunch of times just to wind up with a prison sentence. The UK is utterly stuffed – let’s hope whatever government we end up with post-Theresa May does something about it.


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