What Happens When The Ramps You Want To Ride Don’t Exist? Drew Bezanson’s ‘Uncontainable’ Is Off The Hook

Drew Bezanson's Uncontainable

The last trick in this video is a real ‘holy shit’ moment.

Drew Bezanson has flipped and jumped his BMX off some of the biggest ramps in the business and to his dismay it was actually deemed impossible to manufacture ramps that were any bigger than the ones he was jumping off. So he turned to the next best thing: shipping containers.

In the below video, Drew jumps off a bunch of shipping containers and it is completely insane. It’s the equivalent of doing a back flip off a four storey building which is something I wouldn’t even contemplate going anywhere near. And the final trick in the video is even more mental than that has he does a wall ride along a ramp suspended in mid-air four stories in the air.

Dude is seriously mental – it kinda reminds me of the first time I saw Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland edit.

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