Dramatic ITV Footage Makes McDonald’s Milkshake Shortage Seem Worse Than Global Pandemic

So grim.

It’s been a hard last eighteen months for everyone after the global pandemic shook the foundations of society all over the world , but somehow ITV News have managed to make a 30 second bit on the recent McDonalds’ milkshake shortage look even more dramatic and worse than that period of our lives.

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We told you yesterday that McDonalds was suffering from supply chain issues thanks to a combination of Brexit effects and Coronavirus, but this footage from ITV News makes it look like ‘The Walking Dead’ or something. There’s nobody around, people are complaining, they just don’t know what to do and seem completely and utterly beside themselves.

Take a look for yourself (the edit is obviously funny but the real one is pretty stupid as well) :

Lol. OK, the one guy didn’t actually seemed too bothered and had a contingency plan of going to the ice cream shop round the corner, but everyone else interviewed seemed thoroughly depressed and bewildered by the current developments.

I would say that it won’t last long and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon, but that doesn’t seem like the case at all as McDonald’s have said that they may need to alter their menus permanently following the news. Gonna be a long couple of years. Thank you Brexit.

For more of the same, check out when this guy let a rat into McDonald’s when they messed up his order. Won’t be long until that’s par for the course over here hey?


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