Drake Got Friend-Zoned Hard By Rihanna When Presenting Her An Award At VMAS (VIDEO)


Never go in for the kiss unless you’re 100% sure.

Drake may have made a twat of Madonna when she tried to french kiss him at Coachella last year, but the other night at the VMAs it was Drizzy’s turn to look a bit silly.

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In front of  live audience and millions watching at home, Drake sucked up to Rihanna for a while before presenting her with the Vanguard Award.

He then went in for the kiss, but Rihanna turned it into an awkward hug instead:

Let’s look at that one more time:

Brutal stuff. Going in for the kiss and getting the cheek instead. Add that to the fact it happened in front of millions watching and Drake must’ve wanted the ground to open up and swallow him whole. Can’t be going in for that kiss unless you’re 100% sure – let that be a lesson.

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