Drake Deletes Instagram Post After Fans Compare New Hairstyle To Justin Bieber

It seems like most of the stories I’ve been writing today have all been doom and gloom about new lockdown restrictions and the Coronavirus raging out of control in this country, so here’s something a bit more stupid to lighten the mood regarding Drake’s new hairstyle.

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The Toronto musician is in the midst of promoting his new album ‘Certified Lover Boy’ – coming out sometime this January – and thought that it would be a good idea to whack up a post of him on Instagram with a new hairstyle featuring the ‘Certified Lover Boy’ heart shape imprinted in his hair. Unfortunately for him, this picture was met with severe ridicule and he deleted it mere minutes after debuting the new look. Damn.

Of course, we all have the screenshots so I don’t think anybody is going to forget Drake’s new look any time soon. Some of his fans even compared him to Justin Bieber:

Yeah I don’t think those guys are being too complimentary about Drake’s new look there but I’m not exactly too sure why? I think he looks kind of cool – a bit more like Tom DeLonge rather than Bieber – and aren’t we in a phase where people don’t really think Justin Bieber is a dickhead anymore too? But then again, I guess I’m probably not the target market here so maybe I’m completely wrong about this.

Anyway, I hope he hasn’t been too distraught about the reaction to his new hairstyle and done anything crazy like shave his head because of it. Wishing good vibes only here on Drake during this troubled time.

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