Meek Mill Is Getting Annihilated On Twitter AGAIN After Drake Diss Track Receives Grammy Nomination

R.I.P. Meek Mill – again.

Remember back in the summer when Meek Mill “exposed” Drake for hiring a ghost-writer, only for the whole thing to backfire spectacularly in his face?

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Drake responded by destroying Meek Mill with two diss tracks, then kicking back and relaxing while Twitter crapped all over Meek’s life from all angles.

Since then Meek Mill has been keeping a relatively low profile and the whole thing had more or less been forgotten… until this week when Back 2 Back was nominated for best rap performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards, which means Meek is about to get rinsed to the moon once more.

Here’s the track if you’ve not heard it yet:

And here’s Twitter getting in on the fun once more:

Meek Mill wrote an Instagram post a couple months back saying he’d like to put the beef behind him, but he deleted it when he realised it just encouraged more people to troll him.

Moral of the story = choose your battles wisely.

Still, Drake winning this Grammy will undoubtedly sting less than that photo of Drake, Kanye West and Will Smith all laughing at him. That would cut anyone deep.


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