Meek Mill Has Complete Twitter Meltdown Accusing Drake Of Not Writing His Own Raps

Maybe something to do with Drake grinding all over Nicki in her video?

Meek Mill – who is hardly the most sensible person of all time, as we can see from his refusal to pay the deposit for renting Justin Bieber’s house after he absolutely trashed the place – went on a completely unprovoked rant at Drake on Tuesday, claiming that the rapper didn’t actually write his own raps and had someone else doing them for him. In case you’re dumb, that’s pretty much a big no-no in the rap game.

Meek is claiming he knows this because Drake didn’t write the verse he rapped on Meek’s album. I suppose (if it’s true) then that is some evidence towards this claim, but it seems kind of outrageous to imply that he doesn’t write any of his songs just because of one lousy effort on someone else’s record. But really at this point there’s no way to confirm or deny Meek’s claims.

Of course the meltdown went down on Twitter – here’s the series of tweets, which are still up so we know Meek ain’t playin’ with this:

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So there you have it – when Meek Mill gets mad he takes to Twitter and rants about whatever is bothering him and unfortunately for Drake last night it was him. It was great for him to quantify that he hadn’t been hacked too because I’m sure everyone was wondering. Instead he can probably be used as an example of how not to use social media in a university lecture.

A lot of people have come out and accused Meek of still being upset about his girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video from last year, which featured her and Drake grinding around and getting dirty. There have also been rumours that they’ve got it on in the past, so Meek probably just freaked out when he saw she had a text message from Drake and had to go on Twitter and make up a load of crap up about him. I mean that is a mature response to that kind of situation isn’t it?

On his part, Drake stayed silent about all of this and just let his fans do the talking in defending him. A screenshot of a conversation he had on Instagram with his friend Hitman Holla has been posted online though and it’s pretty much the perfect response to these accusations. In fact, it almost sounds like something Drake might drop in a rap.

Drake Hitman Holla Instagram Convo


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