A Man Named Dr. Gammons Has Joined UKIP And No One Can Believe It’s Real

You couldn’t make it up.

For the uninitiated, the term ‘gammon’ is an insult used to describe ‘white, middle-aged, furious-faced men’ (h/t Urban Dictionary) who get red in the face whenever Brexit and/or immigration come up as a topic.

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A bit dumb, counter-productive and immature? Sure, but it’s also a pretty amusing diss phonetically and because, let’s be real, some of the people it describes genuinely do look like gammon.

Anyway, when UKIP posted about “a very intelligent and articulate man” who had just joined their party, people could hardly believe it when his name was revealed as… DR PETER GAMMONS.

Cue the trolls, comments and memes:

You couldn’t make it up. I mean this is the sort of thing the internet was made for, and no one even had to make it up as a bit of satire – it literally happened in real life. What a world.

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