Dr Dre’s Ex Girlfriend Reveals How He Used To Beat Her Up Regularly

Dr Dre Michel'le

I guess Dr. Dre isn’t the straight up G we all thought he was.

With all the hype surrounding Straight Outta Compton, it’s easy to forget that although it’s actually a biopic of NWA that it’s obviously not going to feature absolutely everything that happened to the iconic rap group on the way to the top.

One subject which has quite deliberately been left out of the whole biopic is the fact that back in the day Dr. Dre regularly used to beat up women – both his long term girlfriend R & B singer Michel’le and journalist Dee Barnes. She gave an interview with The Breakfast Club earlier this year when, she revealed her thoughts as to why she was left out of the movie –

It was Ice Cube’s version of events and Dre had absolutely no incentive to put her in.

Why would Dre put me in it? I mean, if they started from where they started from, I was just a quiet girlfriend who got beat up and told to sit down and shut up.

When he gave me my very first black eye, we laid in the bed and cried. He was crying and I was crying because I was in shock, hurt and in pain.

I don’t know why he was crying, but he said, ‘I’m really sorry.’  That was the only time he ever said he was really sorry. And he said, ‘I’ll never hit you in that eye again, okay?’

I had five black eyes, I had a cracked rib, I have scars that are just amazing.

Wow. She goes into more detail on some of this in the video below. I guess Dr. Dre isn’t the straight up G that we all though he was huh?

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