Here’s What The Characters From ‘Doug’ Would Look Like All Grown Up



There seems to be a real trend recently for getting old cartoon characters and imagining what they would be like all grown up or in weird situations – we’ve seen the Rugrats all grown up and a bunch of characters as crazy psychopaths for instance – and it’s now time for Doug to join the club.

In case you forgot, Doug was this awkward cartoon character at high school who always wore a green jumper and for some reason didn’t have hair and had a blue best friend called Skeeter and had the hots for a girl called Patti Mayonnaise. It was a cool show, trust me.

In this series, artist Isaiah Stephens has imagined what they would look like all grown up. It’s a bit weird that it’s all CGIed as that isn’t really the essence of Doug, but damn Patti and Judy look hot and all the other guys look pretty cool too, except for Doug who still looks like the same old dork he always was, only balder.

Doug Funnie And Porkchop

Doug Characters Now 1

Chalky Studebaker

Doug Characters Now 2

Willie White

Doug Characters Now 3

Judy Funnie

Doug Characters Now 4

Boomer Bledsoe

Doug Characters Now 5

Connie Benge

Doug Characters Now 6

Patti Mayonnaise

Doug Characters Now 7

Skeeter Valentine

Doug Characters Now 8

Ned Cauphee

Doug Characters Now 9

Roger Klotz

Doug Characters Now 10

Beebe Bluff

Doug Characters Now 11



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