Donald Tusk Says That ‘There’s A Special Place In Hell For Brexiteer MPs’


Sums it all up.

I think whichever side of the Brexit debate you sit on, you’ll be in agreement that the attempts to actually force through the move and make it happen have been frankly shambolic and show no signs of getting any better any time soon.

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At least we’re getting some great quotes and potential memes out of it though, and the latest to weigh in with what could be the soundbite that sums up the whole debacle comes courtesy of European Commission President Donald Tusk. He first stated via Twitter that he wondered what the special place in hell looked like for Brexiteer MPs who promoted the idea without a clue whatsoever of how to carry it out and then decided to repeat this in a speech during a press conference in Brussels too.

Damn. Absolutely no holding back but I suppose you’ve gotta agree with him really as we’re about six weeks from withdrawing and we still don’t know what’s going to happen. Tusk also revealed during his press conference that both he and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar were preparing for the dreaded no deal scenario and that none of the EU countries would support Theresa May’s attempts at renegotiating the deal that has already been put to the UK.

So basically it doesn’t look like anything is going to be resolved come March 29th. Keep tuning in for more car crash posts in the run up to the season finale though.

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