Donald Trump Pays Tribute To Muhammad Ali Despite Saying There Are No Muslim Sporting Heroes

Donald Trump Muhammad Ali


Firstly, I’d like to say RIP to boxing legend Muhammad Ali – as most of you will know we’ve seen the death of yet another worldwide hero, as he passed late on Friday night at the age of 74. He had been suffering from a respiratory illness that was made worse by his Parkinson’s disease.

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Ever since, tributes have been pouring in from all over the world, with people sending their condolences and remembering his amazing and successful life. One person who we didn’t quite expect to pay tribute was Republican douchebag Donald Trump, who sent out the following tweet earlier today:

In any other circumstance that would have been a reasonable thing for a politician to write on Twitter, but in Trump’s case he has once again proved himself to be a proper hypocrite. Some of you might remember that back in 2015, Trump reacted to a speech from Obama by saying that he doesn’t think there are any Muslim sporting heroes:

At the time Trump was rinsed and people even pointed out Muhammad Ali as well as many, many others. It was a stupid and racist thing to tweet and now it has come back to bite him in the ass, as he is being bombarded with reminders of his blunder and people calling him a hypocrite.

Not only that but Ali was not a fan of Trump and publicly spoke out about him after he proposed a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the US.

I would say that I bet Trump is regretting that tweet but unfortunately, Trump being Trump, his whole life is a series of faux pas moments and he’s very good at brushing them under the carpet. When will his comeuppance happen? I hope very soon.

Anyway, as said, RIP Ali – you were a true legend. Not only was he renowned for his incredible boxing skills, but he spent his life doing great things like the time he talked a suicidal man from jumping off a building.


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