Donald Trump’s Just Threatened A ‘Holocaust Like No Other’


This guy is out of control.

Donald Trump has worryingly just threatened a “nuclear holocaust like no other” if he is unable to settle a good relationship with Russia.

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In his recent speech he appeared to blame a string of aggressive moves from Russia on the media due to the negative reporting of the Trump administration’s link to Russia, which he purports led Vladimir Putin to believe he could no longer get a good deal with the US.

Trump also denied all of the allegations relating to Russia’s involvement in the election and said he had not fired Mike Flynn for discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador before he took office. So why was he fired again? Oh, because he misled Vice President Mike Pence about the content of a phone call. Seems pretty drastic for something so menial, don’t you think?

Either way, it looks like we’re all screwed. The fact that those words were even uttered out of his mouth are worrying enough. Even more terrifying is that Trump literally has his finger hovering above the button that controls all of the US’s nuclear weaponry. Of which, there is a lot. I guess I’ll see you lot on the other side – good luck.


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