Street Performer Dressed As Donald Trump Lets You Punch Him For $5, Piss On Him For $300

Bargain of the century.

In what could possibly be the most genius business idea of modern times, a New York street performer dressed as Donald Trump is letting people punch him for $5 and will even let you piss on him for $300.

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‘Activist artist’ Kalan Sherrard, 28, puts on a suit and Trump mask and then holds up a menu listing the things you can pay to do to him.

$2 — Picture

$5 — Punch to the gut

$10 — Trample him

$7 — Punch in the face

$300 — Pee on him


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Kalan has yet to announce how much he’s made off this venture but I think even Trump himself would be impressed. Honestly punching someone in the face for $7 is an absolute bargain. Imagine having a shit day at work and spotting this ‘activist artist’ on the walk back home; you’d drop $7 to smash him one, right? I think that title’s actually the main reason people pay to punch this dude. The fact he’s got a Donald Trump mask on makes it even more special.

You could even then go home and munch down one of these Donald Trump getting-punched-in-the-face-themed doughnuts.


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