Someone Made A Donut Of Donald Trump Getting Punched In The Face


Satisfying in more ways than one.

Donald Trump is one of the most polarising people out there. Most people I know absolutely despise him, but somehow there are people out there that go out to his rallies and vote for him and who are making him no longer a joke candidate. It’s pretty scary stuff.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of Americans out there who are hating on him just as much as me and my friends and they come up with some awesomely creative ideas to troll him, like making donuts of him getting punched in the face to sell and give the proceeds to the New York Immigration Coalition. Yeah, that’s right – these donuts are actually going to help immigrants.

The donuts themselves came from Cinnamon Snail in New York – a vegan food maker – and cost $9 which is way more than you would usually pay for a donut but you know, it’s all for the cause right so you’ll throw in a couple of extra bucks. The donut itself was lemon-flavoured with a painted cookie on top and lemon filling in the middle, which sounds delicious.

Here’s a video of someone breaking into one:

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Looks great huh, even if it is vegan so had to be lemon flavoured. The reviews were all favourable though and apparently they were amazing. I would have definitely bought one if they were on sale over here, even at that price. Mainly for the fact that I could cut open Trump’s face and eat it.

If you still need convincing about why Trump is a dickhead, then check this out:


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