Donald Trump Says That His Mexico Wall Is Actually Going To Be More Like A Fence


Backtracking already.

There has been a lot of fear and worry surrounding Donald Trump’s recent win in the election, namely because he proposed so many mental actions that could leave the entire country in turmoil.

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The most extreme was the idea to build a huge wall to separate Mexico and the US, which is just dumb for so many reasons.


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There has been much speculation over whether he’ll actually follow through with this extreme idea, and it looks like he’s already backtracking. During a recent interview with CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ host Lesley Stahl, Trump was questioned about the wall, which would cost $8 billion to make.

Although he said that he’d get Mexico to pay for it, obviously that is a completely absurd statement to make, and it would be a massive hit to the US economy. And while Trump maintained that he would follow through, he said that large chunks of it would be more like a fence than a wall. Not sounding so “impenetrable, tall, powerful and beautiful” anymore Trump. In fact it sounds pretty flimsy and weak.


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On less amusing news, he did say that he will begin his immigration policy by deporting 2-3 million immigrants immediately. Well, good luck to you Trump because you’re going to have to try and govern a country that is seriously understaffed, which will have a hugely negative impact on the economy.

Maybe he should take some advice from Jeremy Corbyn and just grow up already.


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