Donald Trump Has Released A 46 Minute Video Ranting About Election Fraud

He’s never gonna stop.

Even though it seems like Donald Trump has agreed to vacate the White House and let Joe Biden take up residence there in January, it sounds like he’s never ever going to back down over his claims that the  recent election was fraudulent and riddled with inconsistencies and dodgy counts.

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His latest tirade on the matter comes courtesy of a 46 minute video where he makes rambling, incoherent claims about a coordinated assault and siege on America’s voting system. He even pops up with a bunch of graphs and charts that make even less sense.

It’s obviously a slog to watch the whole thing but if you’re not doing anything over your lunch break then it is funny to watch an old man desperately try to cling onto his power by ranting and raving and not making any tangible points. The video is also really badly edited and just plain weird to be honest.

It’s great that he’s been reduced to this (I pasted some highlights from his speech underneath the video too):

This election was rigged. Everyone knows it. I don’t mind if I lose an election, but I want to lose an election fair and square. What I don’t want to do is have it stolen from the American people.

For months leading up to the election, we were warned that we should not declare a premature victory. We were told repeatedly that it would take weeks, if not months, to determine the winner, to count the absentee ballots, and to verify the results.

It was all very, very strange. Within days after the election, we witnessed an orchestrated effort to annoint a winner even while many key states were still being counted.

It is statistically impossible that the person – me – that led the charge lost.

The greatest pollsters, the real pollsters – not the ones that had us down 17 points in Wisconsin when we actually won, while the ones that had us down four or five points in Florida and we won by many points or had us even down in Texas, and we won by a lot – not those pollsters but real pollsters that are fair and honest, said “We can’t understand a thing like this: it’s never happened before you led the country to victory and you were the only one that was lost. It’s not possible.

What I don’t want to do is have it stolen from the American people.

That’s what we’re fighting for, and we have no choice (but) to be doing that. We already have the proof, we already have the evidence, and it’s very clear.

Many people in the media, and even judges so far, have refused to accept it. They know it’s true, they know it’s there, they know who won the election. But they refuse to say, ‘You’re right.’ Our country needs somebody to say, ‘You’re right.’”

What changed this year was the Democrat Party’s relentless push to print and mail out tens of millions of ballots, sent to unknown recipients, with virtually no safeguards of any kind.

This allowed fraud and abuse to occur on a scale never seen before. Using the pandemic as a pretext, Democrat politicians and judges drastically changed election procedures just months, and in some cases, weeks before the election.

On top of everything else, we have a company that’s very suspect. Its name is Dominion.

‘With the turn of a dial or the change of a chip, you could press a button for Trump and the vote goes to Biden. What kind of a system is this?

Millions of votes were cast illegally in the swing states alone.

If that’s the case, the results of the individual swing states must be overturned and overturned immediately.

Some people say that’s too far out. That’s too harsh. Well does that mean we take a president and we’ve just elected a president, where the votes were fraudulent? No. It means you have to turn over the election.

What a disaster election this was. A total catastrophe.

Maybe you’ll have a revote, but I don’t think that’s appropriate. When those votes are corrupt, when they’re irregular, when they get caught, they’re terminated, and I very easily win

Jesus man, doesn’t he realise that he’s just embarrassing himself even further with all this malarkey? I suppose in fairness though he was doing stuff like this for the entirety of his Presidency and nobody really had the balls to call him up on it, so it isn’t that surprising that he’s continuing to act like this now. It’s pretty entertaining to laugh at him floundering so I probably shouldn’t complain.

For more of the same, here’s a drunk Karen testifying at a Michigan voting fraud hearing yesterday. Really something special.


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