Donald Trump Is Defending The Size Of His Dick In Actual Presidential Debate

2016 is literally the most bonkers year ever.

The overall theme of 2016 thus far has pretty much been ‘WTF is going on?’. Today — the potential next President of the United States defending his penis size during an actual presidential debate. What the actual hell.

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Watch below:

I guess he saw that incredibly unflattering painting (slightly NSFW) that artist did of him and felt he had to say something? Either way as he’s now addressed the issue, surely he has to prove that what he’s saying is true? You can’t just go on TV in front of the world during a presidential debate and boast about your dick size, and then not back it up with some solid (not literally) evidence. We can deal with your bat shit ideas to ban all Muslims from America, we can deal with your claims that you can commit murder and get away with it, but don’t go on TV and say you’ve got a massive cock and then not show us the proof. That’s just unacceptable from a future President.


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