Donald Trump Misses Major Event Due To Exhaustion After Only 4 Months In Charge

Donald Trump tired

Being the POTUS is really taking its toll.

Donald Trump is currently on his first trip overseas as President of the United States and clearly, it is already taking its toll.

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Trump, who is in Saudi Arabia with his family, was supposed to speak at a “tweeps” youth forum in Riyadh, an event that discusses combating Islamic extremism on social media.

However, following a long day of meetings and conferences, Trump was reportedly so tired that he sent his daughter, Ivanka, to speak instead. This is only the second day of his trip and when a White House official was asked why Trump didn’t attend the speech, she replied, “Just an exhausted guy.”

After announcing that Ivanka would be speaking at the event instead, Ms Trump gave a three minute speech in his place:

This is the second time Ivanka has got involved to cover Trump’s back – last week she also stepped in for a White House meeting on human trafficking while her dad was at another conference.

Is his energy dwindling already? It’s easy to forget that Trump is already 70 years old. On top of that, he’s already complaining about how hard it is being POTUS just four months into his presidency. Is Trump about the throw in the towel? Only time will tell.


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