Donald Trump Fans Have Been Sending David Attenborough Death Threats


Leave God alone.

Donald Trump fans have been showing themselves up as the bitter, angry wankcloths that they are by threatening the UK’s favourite national treasure David Attenborough.

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The documentary maker has said he has been sent multiple death threats after suggesting (jokingly) that we should shoot Donald Trump. Do these guys not know how to take a joke?


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Here are just a couple of examples of the messages he has been sent by supporters of America’s new President-elect:

How about we put 2 in the back your head.

While another wrote:

Kill him!

Meanwhile, other right-wingers have called for the FBI and Secret Service to investigate Attenborough’s comments. Er, do you not think it would be good to investigate Trump’s questionable tax returns and the many rape allegations made against him first?

Others have called for him to be banned from the US and for viewers to boycott the new series of ‘Planet Earth’. Never going to happen guys, we just love it too much.

I hope they realise that no matter how hard they kick and scream, no one will succeed in making Britain dislike David Attenborough. It’s just not possible – that man is loved by everyone. Donald Trump on the other hand


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