David Attenborough Reckons We Should Just Shoot Donald Trump


God has spoken.

If there’s one person you’re going to actually listen to in this world, it’s Sir David Attenborough. Not only is he one of the nation’s most loved men, he’s also one of the kindest. Which is why we shouldn’t take his recent advice too lightly.

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When asked how to solve a problem like Donald Trump, Attenborough replied:

We could shoot him. It’s not a bad idea.

Jesus. You know you’re a total cuntbag when Attenborough, the lover of all living creatures on earth, wants you to eat lead. You hearing this Trump? You might just be the most hated man on earth.


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Hopefully America catches wind of his suggestion and does something about it before November 8th. Not long to go now.

This comment comes shortly after Attenborough gave his opinion on Brexit, slamming the resulting mess of an unwise referendum:

There’s confusion, isn’t there, between populism and parliamentary democracy. I mean, that’s why we’re in the mess we are with Brexit, is it not?

Do we really want to live by this kind of referendum? What we mean by parliamentary democracy is surely that we find someone we respect who we think is probably wiser than we are, who is prepared to take the responsibility of pondering difficult things and then trust him – or her – to vote on our behalf.


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Damn straight. Only issue with that is all of our great parliamentary figures have been replaced with utter numbnuts. It’s so bad that we’ve got a man who doesn’t even know that Africa is a continent in charge of our foreign affairs. UK politics is as much of a shitshow as the U.S. and there’s not a lot that you or I or even David Attenborough can do about it.

I guess all we can do is just sit back, have a laugh about it and crack on the new series of ‘Planet Earth’. It’s on this Sunday by the way.


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