Donald Trump Doesn’t Know That The Kansas City Chiefs Are Actually Based In Missouri

He sent another embarrassing tweet.

America is one of the biggest and most important countries in the world, but I would give out people a pass on not knowing the exact geography of it because it’s so goddamn big.

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However, I’m not gonna extend the same courtesy here to the President of the United States because he really should be knowing this kinda basic stuff that I imagine kids in the first grade over there know. Trump was gain available to display his ineptitude last night when he decided to tweet his congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs following their Super Bowl victory last night, but unfortunately he decided to say Kansas City was in Kansas, rather than next door in the neighbouring state of Missouri.

I can understand people getting that mixed up because you probably would expect Kansas City to be in the state of Kansas, but when you’re President of the country and spend most of your time speaking for and trying to represent the people of the rust belt, then you should probably know where they’re geographically located.

Yeah, not really sure if what he’s saying there is some kind of half assed apology or he’s just spouting his usual dumb nonsense, but either way it just makes him come across like an idiot really doesn’t it?

Classic Trump – I wonder if we’re gonna get as many dumb tweets from him all the time when he stops being President or if he’ll just go quietly into the night? Hopefully we’ll find out sooner rather than later, although it wouldn’t surprise me if we ended up with another four years of him. Ugh.

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