Donald Trump Plans To Get A$AP Rocky Out Of Prison & Has Guaranteed His Bail

What a time to be alive.

Donald Trump is dealing with fresh racism allegations following the Ilhan Omar controversy last week.

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What’s the best way to prove to everyone that you’re not a racist? Drop an incredible Tweet about how you’re helping your good friend Kanye West get fellow rapper A$AP Rocky out of a prison in Sweden.


Just another reminder of the bizarre world we are living in right now. Donald Trump is the US President, and he’s working with Kanye West and the Swedish government to get A$AP Rocky out of prison after A$AP beat up some antagonistic weirdos who were harassing him. What a time to believe.

My favourite part though is the way Donald Trump says ‘A$AP Rocky’. What’s with the long pause between A$AP and Rocky?

Later on, Donald Trump offered an update and even guaranteed A$AP’s bail. Wow:

Even Justin Bieber Tweeted his appreciation, while also getting political:

The replies are full of people explaining that those kids and their families came to the US illegally and this is standard practice that was in place while Obama was President, and others who keep likening the situation to Nazi Germany and providing no shortage of examples why Donald Trump is a racist, sexist and all the rest of it.

If haven’t seen the footage of A$AP Rocky’s fight in Sweden, click HERE. He probably should have just got in a cab and left, but damn those guys were asking for it.


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