Doja Cat Promises To ‘Show Boobs Really Hard’ If New Single Goes To Number One

Great marketing.

I’m sure many of you reading this will be wondering who the hell Doja Cat is.

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She’s a 24-year-old singer/rapper from LA who showed up on the scene in 2018 and went viral thanks to the music video for her song”Mooo!”, which was completely weird and featured a whole bunch of anime tits throughout:

Shortly after the video went viral, Doja Cat was almost ‘cancelled’ by the SJW brigade after they dug up some old Tweets of hers where she used the word “faggot”. After initially defending herself by explaining she was a high school kid who didn’t know better (which caused even more backlash), Doja Cat apologised and deleted the Tweets. Amazingly… she was forgiven! Don’t see that happen too often do you?

Anyway, fast forward to December 2018, and Doja Cat released new song ‘Say So’. It hit #5 in the charts and has over 100 million plays on YouTube – not bad at all:

Fast forward once more to the present day in May 2020, and Doja Cat has decided to remix the track by adding Nicki Minaj to it:

Doja Cat is so keen to get this remix to #1, that she’s promised to show her titties ‘really hard’ (whatever that means) if the public makes it happen:

A whole bunch of people have screenshotted that Tweet so that she can’t back out of her promise, but only time will tell if this marketing tactic will work. Doja Cat faces stiff competition from Megan Thee Stallion & Beyonce, the Weeknd and others. But as far as I know none of the other contenders vying for that #1 spot have promised to show their private parts if they go to #1, so you have to think Doja Cat has the advantage. We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, enjoy a few photos off her IG:

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