There’s Now A Doggy Clothing Line Parodying All Your Favourite Streetwear Brands


Hot dog.

Pawkier is new clothing brand that helps you keep your pup up to date on the freshest trends. Its line parodies all of your favourite streetwear brands including Anti Social Social Club (Anti Social Puppy Club) and Supreme (Not Supreme).

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The New York Based brand has developed a collection of doggy-sized hoodies that channel their passion for the best labels. There’s even a play on Kanye West’s Pablo merch and some serious silk accessories going on. Check it:

Pawkier Pawkier 1 Pawkier 2 Pawkier 3

Oh my days, too cute. So if you’ve got a lot of money to blow and you want to kit out your best friend then get onto their online shop today.

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For more of the same, check out the same concept but with kid’s clothes. Anti Social Learning Club.


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