This Dog Sprained His Tail From ‘Excessive Wagging’ Because His Owners Are Home All Day

We really don’t deserve dogs.

We’re all trapped inside our homes, trying to social distance and beat coronavirus – but you know who is absolutely loving the Covid-19 era? Dogs. Especially dogs like Rolo.

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The fact his owners have all been home 24-7 since the UK went into lockdown means that Rolo’s tail hasn’t stopped wagging. In fact he’s been wagging his tail so excessively that he’s now injured:

That Tweet got a million likes and 140k+ RTs, which is bonkers and just shows how much everyone loves and appreciates dogs. People can’t stop asking owner Emma for updates:

We really don’t deserve dogs, do we? All they want is to be around their owners and go for walks and give/receive affection. They literally live for it! Obviously no dog in the world right now has a clue that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic but they’re just happy to be hanging out with their owners all day.

I wonder if we’re all going to get a similar feeling when the Premier League is back. Can’t wait.

P.S. No doubt Rolo’s tail isn’t the only thing being sprained from excessive wagging these days. Careful though fellas – too much can apparently kill you.

[h/t People]


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