Watch This Dog Set A New World Record For Skateboarding Between People’s Legs

Bulldog Skateboarding World Record

This is one badass dog.

Normally when a world record is broken it’s normally for something really lame, but occasionally you see something cool like a panda breaking the world record for the longest panda sex session ever. This is one of those times.

It happened over in Lima, Peru, where a cool dog named Otis was determined to break the world record for skateboarding through people’s legs. With the help of 30 of his buddies, Otto was able to smash it.

What’s more, is he’s actually a pretty sick skateboarder as confirmed by some guy called Valentine Katz from Brixton:

I think it’s pretty good because the way he is turning… that’s quite impressive for a dog!

Otto is pushing on either foot to turn the skateboard. Plus, it looks like he’s having a lot fun.

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What an absolute sickhead – he’s probably better than most of my friends who claimed to be skateboarders at some time in their lives. Maybe if he continues to develop then he’ll be able to give people like Mikey Whitehouse a run for their money in the future.


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