Dog Reunited With Owner Two Years After Being Stolen Is The Best Video On The Internet Today

Dogs are the fucking best.

There are a thousand videos just like this one on the internet already, but you can bet any time we come across fresh footage of dogs being reunited with their owners, that shit is getting posted.

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This dog, named Chaos, was originally taken by a ‘friend of a friend’ who was looking after the pup for its owner Jose, but then refused to give him back.

TWO YEARS later, the animal shelter called Jose and informed him that a woman had found Chaos in her driveway with his collar still attached and an ID number. Amazingly, the guy who stole Chaos left the original contact info on his collar.

Jose says:

I didn’t think I would ever see my dog again. I was speechless and I couldn’t stop smiling. I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t get to the shelter fast enough. I couldn’t wait for it to open so I could see Chaos.

Here’s the moment they were finally reunited:

What makes it even better is that the dog is really wary of Jose at first. Like really wary. Which makes sense; after all he’d been kidnapped and hadn’t seen him for two years, and who knows how this other owner treated him all that time. But as soon as he gets one whiff of him he goes absolutely bonkers and licks the absolute shit out of him. He 100% knew that was his guy. Love it.

P.S. Fuck that study that said dogs don’t like hugs. Chaos looks like he enjoys them to me.


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