Scientists Say That Dogs Hate Hugs As It Increases Their Stress/Anxiety Levels

This can’t be true, can it?

According to canine phychologist Dr. Stanley Coren, dog lovers should stop hugging their pets because they find it stressful and uncomfortable, according to new research.

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Coren, a professor at the University of British Columbia, says dog owners hug their dogs without realising their pets are displaying clear signs of discomfort.

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He studied 250 images of people hugging dogs and found that 80% of the animals were showing ‘obvious signs of distress’ – ears down, half moon eyes and turning their head away to avoid eye contact.

Apparently even yawning, raising a paw and licking an owner’s face are signs of stress which are often misinterpreted for affection, according to Coren.

He wrote in Psychology Today:

People were posting these pictures on the internet in order to demonstrate their affection for their dogs.

But the dogs are looking into the camera saying, ‘I’d really rather not do this’.

Their basic response to anything they consider a threat or stress is to run away.

By hugging them you’re taking away their ability to respond the way evolution designed them to respond.


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What a load of shite. I don’t know if Dr. Coren owns a dog (I’m guessing no) but pretty sure 100% of dog owners would tell you dogs clearly love hugs. My dog instigates his own hugs so what does Dr. Coren have to say about that? Just like humans or any other animal, dogs adapt to the environment they’re in so if a dog’s grown up receiving lots of hugs, chances are they will like it. How can you make a sweeping generalisation saying that dogs hate hugs? Idiot.

They love getting stoned too, if this video is anything to go by.


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