Cross Country Flight Makes Emergency Landing Because Dog Is Pooping In The Aisle

Dog Shits Plane Ride

This story sure beats babies crying uncontrollably.

It’s pretty rare that a flight ever has to make an emergency landing – think about it, when was the last time you heard of one making one, or how many people do you know that have been on a flight that has made one – but it’s even rarer for a flight to have to make an emergency landing because a dog was shitting in the aisle of the plane.

It happened on an American cross country flight from Los Angeles to Philadelpia, with the plane having to make an emergency landing in Kansas City. Basically, as soon as the flight took off the huge dog started shitting in the aisle and continued to do so throughout the flight, with witnesses saying that there were as many as three huge turds emitted from its butt.

Flight attendants ran out of paper towels to clear it up, and the shit was said to be making people sitting near the dog physically ill, so they had no option but to divert the plane to Kansas City and get in the Hazmat team to spray the place down. Seriously. That might sounds like an extreme option, but dog shit definitely isn’t something to fuck around with – there’s all kinds of crap in there, literally.

The dog’s owner was apparently very apologetic over the whole incident stating ‘Hey, so sorry, I want to get all your addresses so I can give you a Starbucks gift card!’ I guess coffee is the way to every American’s heart, so that statement isn’t as crass as it might sound.

Of course, someone live tweeted the whole thing, which you can check out below. The best part is the US Airways response though, which just oozes sympathy. Get a better social media guy guys, seriously.

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