Dogs are now marrying each other, cute!

In Peru there have been various ceremonies in which dogs have been wedded to each other. Seriously.

The dogs were dressed up by their owners in veils, dresses and suits in Lima, Peru, and taken down the aisle, for better or worse. The ceremony was completed with the dogs giving their paw stamps making it official.

Maybe even weirder is that back in 2003 a girl from eastern India married a dog in the hope of stopping tooth ache. It was voted by the elders of the village of Khanyhan that Karnamoni Handsa was to marry a dog to ward away any bad curses, particularly one which had caused her tooth to rot.

The marriage itself had over 100 guests and all the usual festivities seen at a marriage between two humans. Before entering into a life of wedded bliss the dog was a stray living only from scraps of food, but now his wife has promised to look after him, till death do they part.


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