Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Heartbroken Daughter Is Claiming He Is Dating His Son’s Ex Girlfriend

That didn’t take long.

Dog The Bounty Hunter is one of those endearing celebrities that everyone kind of has a soft spot for even though he’s probably a grade A redneck idiot, merely because he was on TV constantly back in the 00s with his classic TV show of the same name.

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Turns out that he might actually be a bit of a piece of work though – or at least an idiot – after his daughter claimed that he’s now dating his son’s ex girlfriend and wife Beth’s former assistant following Beth’s passing last year from cancer. Here’s what Lyssa said on Twitter:

Yep, doesn’t sound like she’s too happy about the situation and isn’t afraid to let anyone know about it. Dog himself has admitted that he’s dating Moon, releasing the following statement:

Well, I mean you can’t really begrudge Dog finding happiness after the death of the love of his life, but it does seem rather quick doesn’t it? And it’s always a little icky when people start dating other people that they’ve known for ages in a professional capacity after their partner’s die isn’t it? And the fact that Beth even warned Lyssa that Moon was bad news before she died kinda makes you think that Dog’s actions are a bit questionable here.

But at the end of the day who am I to judge any of this? Dog is probably completely messed up at the moment still over Beth’s death and like he says, this is what he needs right now. Hopefully he doesn’t come to regret it in the future.

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