A Dog Attacked A Police Horse In Victoria Park And All Hell Broke Loose (VIDEO)

The ‘friendly’ XL bully has now been seized by police.

A ‘friendly’ XL Bully has been seized by police after it attacked a police horse in Victoria Park, East London, in a 5-minute attack while the owner stood by watching like a useless prat.

Other witnesses did try to intervene and help out, but it was absolute pandemonium:

Here are the injuries sustained by the horse, PH Urbane, following the attack:

Poor thing. The dog’s owner, Hakan Niyazi, a student in his mid 20s, is now complaining that police have seized his dog and blames the horses for starting the fight, while also insisting he was trying his best to help (even though it doesn’t look that way in the video):

It might look like I wasn’t doing much but I was trying my hardest. I tried to grab her.

She was intimidated by the horse. She felt threatened.

I thought the horse was going to kick me. If it kicks me I’m dead. If it killed me then people would be feeling sorry for me.

He also criticised a passer-by who stepped in to help, using a long stick to keep the dog at bay:

The guy was rude.

I was so angry at the time. He said I didn’t do nothing. I tried.

I reciprocate energy. If you’re rude to me I will be rude back to you.

He was angry. He was swearing, being rude. I was trying my hardest.

OK, well all of this would’ve been avoided if he’d just kept his dog on a lead which seems like a sensible thing to do when you spot a couple of horses roaming around the park. Not quite sure what police horses are doing in a public park in the first place as you always get dogs off the lead so maybe that wasn’t the brightest idea in the world from the Met Police’s side. It’s not the dog’s fault, obviously. She might’ve felt threatened by the sheer size of the horses and just acted on instinct to protect herself and her owner.


Sadly, it sounds like this dog could be destroyed now which sucks because it was such an avoidable situation. But if it’s deemed that this dog is also a danger to humans then maybe that’s just something that needs to be done.

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