Doctors Have Managed To Reattach A Toddler’s Head After It Was Decapitated From His Body

Technology is absolutely crazy these days.

Doctors have miraculously managed to reattach a 16 month old baby’s head to his body in Australia after he was decapitated following a car crash.

Before everyone gets too excited about this, it seems like it was an internal decapitation and his head wasn’t hanging around totally separate from his body, but even so the fact that this has even happened is absolutely unbelievable and it’s pretty much a miracle that Jackson Taylor is still alive.

His head was severed from his body after the kid was involved in a head-on collision at 70 mph, with his mother and brother also in the vehicle. Following the incident, Jackson was taken to a nearby hospital where Dr Geoff Askin was able to reattach his head to his body with the help of some wire and a piece of his rib in a six hour operation:

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Jackson Taylor Decapitated

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A lot of children wouldn’t survive that injury in the first place, and if they did and they were resuscitated then they may never move or breathe again.

Jackson will have to wear the head apparatus seen above for the next eight weeks but is expected to make a full recovery following that. It’s absolutely incredible that we live in a world now where someone’s head can get detached from their body and it doesn’t kill them, so absolutely fair play to this doctor for being able to pull it off and mad props to little Jackson for being such a trooper too. Hopefully he’ll be the first (I’m guessing he must be the first?) of many to benefit from the existence of such a procedure.

Medicine and technology really is mad now, I mean it was only a couple of months ago when this guy with three dicks got surgery to merge them all into one.


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