Young Boy Born With Three Penises Gets Surgery To Create One Super Penis

Step aside DoubleDickDude, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Yesterday we wrote about the guy who had his dick ripped off as a 6 year old, and then three decades later got an 8 inch bionic penis replacement. He was the jammiest fucker on the planet for about 24 hours, before this kid came along…

The unnamed boy from Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh, India, was born with three penises (a world first as far as anyone knows). The docs had said the 2 year old suffered from diphallia, where a male is born with two dicks (there’ve only been 100 reported cases since 1609), but it appeared he was also growing a third. He was able to pass urine through one of his penises, but only two had erectile tissue which would be essential for sexual function in his later years.

The young lad underwent pioneering surgery to transform his three dicks into one super dick.

Dr. Vishesh Dixit described the procedure:

The two functional penises were fused into one by wrapping a mass of skin around them.

The boy was also born without an anus, which the doctors also corrected:

Further, an anal path was created through the boy’s rectum to facilitate the passage of excreta.

Extra good news — doctors said the boy’s sexual function and his fertility will not be affected by any of his operations.


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Obviously being born with 3 penises and no butt hole isn’t something you’d want anyone to go through, but the fact those penises have now formed to create one super penis is the most silver of linings I can think of. Definitely got the most impressive cock in India, no doubt about it.

So yeah, step aside DoubleDickDude. You had a good run but this little kid just trumped your whole life story. Only a matter of time before he’s answering Reddit AMAs, I suppose.


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