Doctors Are Urging Guys Not To Masturbate Into Banana Peels

It’s actually very dangerous.

Writing about a lot of weird kinky shit today if you’ve been checking out the other articles and it shows no signs of stopping, with this latest article all about people jerking off into banana skins.

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Apparently this is something that people have been doing for ages and recently came to the forefront of internet culture thanks to a Reddit post that declared the following:

Simply peel a banana (you can eat it later), slip the peel over your penis, and masturbate with it. The banana slime is a great lubricant. You can warm the peel in the microwave for added sensations.

Also, you might have better results if you peel the banana by making just one cut in the peel and removing the fruit through the single cut. You can then cut off the end of the banana peel and insert your penis through that end.

Wow – some pretty detailed instructions there hey? And I suppose it actually sounds like it might work and could be secretly kinda sexy. And even if it isn’t, at least you’ve got a banana to eat at the end of it too. No lose situation.

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Well, actually it turns out that it isn’t that good an idea as you could end up with some serious damage to your dick. So bad that doctors have actually gone onto the internet to issue a warning telling people not to do it.

Here’s what Dr Diana Gill, from online doctor and prescription service Doctor-4-U, had to say about the unusual masturbation technique:

A person with a banana allergy is more likely to be allergic to other substances such as latex or other fruits and vegetables. So if you’re allergic to latex condoms you may also be allergic to banana skins.

Although rare, you could develop a rash and sores on the penis which can be painful and might lead to infection.

Hmmmm. I’m fairly certain Diana Gill is actually a doctor, but I’m not really sure if she’s the best authority if she’s representing an online doctor service.

She even says it’s really rare as well, so I’m not entirely sure why she’s sent out this warning to everyone if it’s not even that likely to happen. I reckon if you wanna jerk off into a banana skin then just go ahead and do it, what’s the problem?

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