DNA Test Proves That Conor McGregor Is Not The Father Of Alleged Love Child

Finally some good news for Conor.

Conor McGregor has been in the news a lot lately for all the wrong reasons, but here’s a bit that he’s probably going to be happy about as a DNA test has apparently confirmed that he’s not the father of an alleged love child.

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Terri Murray had accused the Irishman of fathering her child Clodagh after she said the pair spent the weekend together at The Grand National in 2017 and begged him to take the DNA test. McGregor completely and utterly denied these allegations and it turns out that he’s finally been vindicated after reports in Ireland are claiming that a DNA test showed a zero probability of the one year old child being his.

According to The Herald, swabs were taken from both McGregor and the baby during the test to determine if they were related and the results came back categorically negative. McGregor himself and his people have declined to offer a comment but I guess if this is out there now it won’t be long until we’re hearing from Terri Murray again or someone about it.

Meanwhile, McGregor has announced when he’ll be returning to the Octagon as well. Sooner than you think as well.


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