DJ Khaled Got Lost At Sea Last Night And It Was The Funniest Thing Ever (VIDEO)

This guy is an unintentional comedy genius.

DJ Khaled has made quite a name for himself on the Internet recently as a massively annoying and overbearing self-help guru who thinks he has the answer to all of life’s problems.

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But as you’re about to see even he needs a bit of help sometimes.

Khaled managed to get ‘lost at sea’ when he took his jet ski out for the nighttime ride, and the Snapchats that followed were pure comedy gold.




The full Snapchat story:

Guy used to wind me up but I think he’s funny as hell now, mostly because he seems to get that people are laughing at him and has just full-on embraced it by putting out even more ridiculous videos than before.

He can say pretty much anything and it’s always hilarious:

I guess the whole ‘lost at sea’ thing becomes less terrifying when you realise he’s got full phone reception and is sending Snapchats all the way through though.

Still, it’s still going to take A LOT to make up for this utterly ridiculous and obnoxious video he put out the other month.


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