DJ Khaled Had A Full Blown Panic Attack When A Girl Started Twerking For Him On IG Live (VIDEO)

The battle between the brain and the penis.

One of the more popular celebrity pasttimes during quarantine – as evidence by Kyle Walker, Drake & Tory Lanez, for example – has been jumping onto Instagram Live and getting fans to twerk for them. Not bad if you’re a young, single millionaire.

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But what happens if you’re a married man with kids like DJ Khaled and a young fan jumps right into your IG Live and starts twerking her arse off for you in front of the world? Welp, you go into panic mode:

“Talk to me normal! Talk to me normal!” 😂 Poor guy was begging her to stop saying he’s got a family like someone had a gun to his head or something. Fair play to the girl though who was really going for it, pouring water down her butt and everything. DJ Khaled really didn’t know what else to do but just x off the screen before this girl ruined his marriage forever.

Respect to Khaled for the incredible self-discipline it must have taken to hang up on her like that. It was the classic battle between brain and penis and his brain won. A lesser man would have just let it happen and dealt with the consequences afterwards. DJ Khaled went into full-on panic mode, covering his eyes and practically begging for mercy. That’s what you call a dedicated family man right there.

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