Dizzee Rascal In Foul Mouthed Twitter Meltdown At Radio 1

Dizzee Rascal Twitter Meltdown

Late last night, Dizzee Rascal got very angry with Radio One and decided to air his grievances via Twitter.

Dizzee Rascal went completely mental on Twitter last night at Radio 1 when they refused to play his new single on the station and put it into rotation on one of their playlists. His rants don’t actually make a lot of sense but I think that’s what he’s trying to say anyway.

There’s also a couple of interactions with fans where he calls someone who criticised him a cunt, which seems a bit unnecessary and indicates that he must be actually really angry that his songs aren’t being played on Radio 1 anymore. I don’t really get why he’s so angry about all this and who he actually thinks he is to dictate what should be played on mainstream radio in the first place, but some of his tweets are hilarious, especially the ones where he’s bothered to reply to fans.

If Dizzee wants to get played on the radio again, just write another song like Bonkers again. Or get a better PR team. Simple. Moaning about it to all of your followers on Twitter isn’t going to do anything at all though except make you look like an idiot though unfortunately.

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