VIDEO: Rap Battle Legend Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa In The Face During LA Rap Battle

Rap battle disintegrates into punch up on camera.

Been a while since we checked into the rap battle scene, but last time we were there the 24/7 pissed off Dizaster was the man to beat.

Looks like he’s still as wound up as we remember, as his latest showdown with Math Hoffa disintegrated into a punch up (big rap battle no-no) and didn’t leave people feeling too impressed:

You can’t really tell what kicks it off exactly, but it had been brewing for years:

Better angle:

The two now plan to fight fairly on PPV. What was the result of the rap battle anyway? Anyone know? I’m guessing it’s an automatic DQ when you stop rapping and just punch your opponent in the face. Could be wrong though.


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