Disturbing Video Shows Man Strangling His Mum While Being Cheered On By His Family



We’ve all had disagreements with our mothers, but I doubt any of us have got to the point where we actually think that killing them would be a useful solution to whatever issues we’re having.

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Not so for this guy from Mumbai called Surendra Vaidya, who has been filmed trying to strangle his mother whilst being cheered on by his wife and his daughter. Talk about a domestic:

OK, so you can’t really see much in that video because it’s all blurred out, but apparently Vaidya is trying to wrap a cloth around his mother’s face and strangle her, whilst his wife is saying stuff like “This woman is so stubborn.” There’s also a part where Vaidya apparently tells his daughter to stab her in the stomach as well. Brutal.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Vaidya didn’t succeed with his diabolical scheme and was arrested, after an NGO worker who had received a tip off arrived at the house just in the nick of time. That was a lucky escape. Somehow though both Vaidya’s wife and daughter managed to escape and are currently on the run whilst he sits in a jail cell awaiting trial.

Apparently he had been abusing his mother for years so it probably isn’t going to end too well for him. Hopefully his wife will get caught too as she seems like a real piece of work.

For more crazy mothers, here’s one pissing on a war memorial in the middle of the day. Classy.


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