These Disturbing Photos Show An ISIS Suicide Bomber Moments Before He Blows Himself Up

Suicide Bomber 2

What an absolute maniac.

With all the reports about their organisation getting totally battered recently, ISIS have decided to release some photographs of a suicide bomber moments before detonation, in a bid to retain their fear factor.

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The photo series show Abu Anwar al-Baljik, a Belgian jihadist, hugging a fellow ISIS soldier goodbye and then getting behind the wheel of a truck before blowing himself up. Apparently he was responsible for an attack on an army base in Qayyarah, Iraq, involving three other suicide bombers too:

Suicide Bomber 1

Suicide Bomber 2

Suicide Bomber 3

Suicide Bomber 4

Well, he looks like a happy camper doesn’t he? Not really sure what ISIS are trying to achieve by releasing these photographs – is it supposed to make us more scared of suicide bombers because this guy seems so ready and willing to blow himself up for the cause?

I mean maybe, but it’s not really going to make anyone more fearful of them, because the chances of getting attacked by one – although it is happening more than usual – are still fairly minimal. Just hurry up and implode ISIS. Women are already burning their burqas in the street over in Syria which has to be a sign that things aren’t going too well for them.


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