These Syrian Women Burnt Their Burqas In The Street After Being Freed From ISIS Control

Woman Buying Burqa

Celebrate good times.

Things really seem to be going downhill for ISIS at the moment and they were dealt another blow last week when they lost their stronghold in the northern Syrian city of Majib.

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The US-backed Syria Democratic Forces managed to take control of the city after an extended military push that has taken months. As such, many of the citizens of Majib took to the streets to celebrate that they were no longer under ISIS control, and as you can see in the video below many of the women were so stoked that they were no longer going to be pressed that they set their burqas on fire in the middle of the street:

Empowering. The taking of Majib is a significant event in the conflict against ISIS too as it’s very close to the Turkish order and has been an ISIS stronghold for years for this reason. Hopefully it will be a key victory in the fight against them and it won’t be long until they’re wiped off the face of the planet. Fingers crossed.

Here’s some footage of an ISIS sniper getting blown to smithereens during a raid. Gotta love that shit.


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